The Art of Feng Shui Bedroom Furnishing

Feng Shui is a way of life by which you can organize your living and working areas to bring about prosperity to your wealth and business, successful work and career or achieving long lasting relationship.

Whenever there is good feng shui bedroom furnishing, auspicious and balanced chi will always be present to bring balance into the physical bodies of individuals thereby promoting good health and a general absence of illnesses and disease.

To decorate your feng shui bedroom furnishing using feng shui principles, it is important to alter only one or two areas at a time as enhancing all areas at once will cause chi confusion.

Listed below are various feng shui bedroom furnishing you can utilize to attract and improve specific areas of your life.

1. Romance or Love

For those who are single

If your main focus is on relationships, love or marriage, be sure to sleep with your head pointing to your ‘Nien Yen’ or romance direction. This is the best direction to sleep in order to enhance the love sector in your life.

It is also possible to actually activate the marriage corner, thereby vastly improving your marriage prospect. One of the feng shui bedroom furnishing is done by hanging the red Chinese marriage mystical knot in the South-West corner or hanging a picture depicting double happiness Chinese characters.

You can also energize your peach blossom luck by displaying a pair of mandarin ducks. A pair of mandarin ducks is part of feng shui bedroom furnishing that symbolize happiness and fulfillment for lovers. You must never display a solo mandarin duck unless you wish to remain as a single forever.

For those who are married

If your love life need a quick boost, you can use the placement of feng shui bedroom furnishing to produce the romantic results you desire. For example, you can hang painting of peonies which symbolize a happy love life and marriage luck.

Another feng shui bedroom furnishing you can adopt is the double happiness symbol. It has always been cherished as one of the most powerful symbol of conjugal harmony. You can drape your wall with a picture of the double happiness symbol or wear a double happiness tassel close by your side to produce excellent chi of your marital bliss.

The double carp is also an excellent feng shui bedroom furnishing energizer for marriage luck. These auspicious carp symbolize abundant good fortune and marital bliss. Display a pair of auspicious carp in the living room to enjoy happy unions and family harmony.

2. Prosperity

If carving out a successful career is your main focus, you can utilize one of the feng shui bedroom furnishing by placing a phoenix figurine in your home or office.

The phoenix is one of the four celestial creatures of feng shui and is the king of all the winged creatures. This majestic bird is synchronous with good fortune and associated with opportunity career luck.

Feng shui bedroom furnishing such as plum blossoms pictures or ornaments are also good for career and success.

If you are looking to gain prosperity luck and wealth, carry three or eight antique Chinese gold coins which are often tied with a red cord. You can also display the antique Chinese gold coins as feng shui bedroom furnishing at home or in the office, facing your ‘Sheng Chi’ direction.

Another feng shui bedroom furnishing is to place a figurine of a frog by your main entrance discreetly beside a green plant. This signifies arrival of wealth.

In feng shui, the deer is a very popular symbol associated with speed,endurance and a long life. The Chinese word for deer is ‘lu’ which sound similar to a Chinese word that means continuous income and prosperity.

Therefore it is extremely auspicious to use a figurine or painting of a deer as feng shui bedroom furnishing in your office and home. The deer symbolise your wish for your family to enjoy a long life of ease and growing prosperity.

3. Health

‘Wu Lou’ for Health

The ‘wu lou’ or the bottle gourd is an extremely powerful symbol of longevity. The bottle gourd signifies good fortune and an abundance of blessings and it is often quoted to contain the elixir of immortality in the Chinese folklore.

The shape of the bottle gourd is also a representation of heaven and earth; the top half represent heaven and the bottom half signify earth. It is immensely beneficial for those who are ill to use bottle gourd as feng shui bedroom furnishing and place it by the bedside.

Another feng shui bedroom furnishing is by using the tortoise. It is the only one of the four celestial creatures that actually exists today. The tortoise is not merely a symbol of longevity,it is also a symbol of protection and support.

In feng shui,the tortoise signifies the protective hills of the north. You can display tortoise ornaments as feng shui bedroom furnishing in the north sector of your home to attract good health and abundance of prosperity luck.

Now you that you know some of the ways to attract and improve specific areas of your life, get ready to put some of these feng shui bedroom furnishing tips into practice.

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